What is CIPAA 2012 and How is it working for Claimants?

Construction Industry Payment and Adjudication Act  which is CIPAA was enacted by the Parliament in 2012 with the sole purpose to improve the cash flows of the contractors by allowing them to adjudicate their claim and gets an award way faster than an Arbitration or Court proceeding.

CIPAA is the most popular construction dispute resolution platform in Malaysia.

Work done, get paid

95-105 days for Adjudication decision

Cost saved compared to litigation

88% success rate

Our Consultation Fee


We follow the spirit of CIPAA adjudication “ PAY NOW, TALK LATER” to help claimant SAVE TIME & SAVE MONEY which is why we are offering the LOWEST FEE IN TOWN. We realize the difficulties where contractors have to incur extra costs to recover their money. That’s why we charge a LOW FEE to assist the recovery to ensure you still have your PROFIT back.

Successful Rate
Registered cases in 2018
95 days
Adjudication Decision

Why choose us?

We are a team of expert consultants who work very closely in the construction industry and have strong background on construction law.

Our objective is to raise awareness for the players on construction payment and to assist the party who is faced with construction payment dispute to get his remedies in the shortest period of time and for a reasonable price through Adjudication under CIPAA.